On the lighter side

The last couple of years have seen fairly great changes in the Bannatyne-Scott household. After Donald was awarded his Masters in Chinese Studies by Edinburgh University, he has joined HSBC as part of the graduate intake of 2017, and has already made significant progress in the bank. He and Alexis are looking forward to a six month secondment, probably in Hong Kong, starting in September of this year.

After a month of training in India, Kat has been teaching yoga very successfully all over Edinburgh, and has really found her niche in life. She and Sam are hoping to move to their own flat later this summer, and are currently checking out properties. Their vegan lifestyle has proved very healthy. Attempts to get her father to adopt a more vegan diet have so far proved ineffective, although enjoyable meals have been taken!

Fran has had a difficult year since discovering a lump in her breast in August 2017, but successful and minimal surgery, followed by Chemotherapy and, now, Radiotherapy have been effective. Hopefully, she will make a full recovery. The whole experience has been extraordinary - it has shown us the excellence and dedication of health professionals both in the public and private sector, and also the enormous leaps forward in treatment which cancer care has taken recently. Keep supporting cancer charities if you can! Similarly, the kindness and consideration of all our friends, relatives and correspondents has been phenomenal. A word of praise here for Facebook which has been a massive support, through all our Facebook Friends!

Fran and I are looking forward to her being fully recovered and able to accompany me to Canada in the Autumn, followed by a trip to Hong Kong to see Donald and Alexis in November.

Brexit is still a complete mess, but we are hopeful something can be done to save us from its worst effects. Scottish politics grind on in a tediously partisan way. Hopes of a sensible grown up debate seem as far away as ever, but I remain optimistic!

The website is being updated by the wonderful Peter Haigh, and I hope there will be more information for you and also more interesting details about me and my career.